Cochon555 coming to a city near you; Aspen FOOD & WINE Classic

By Sam Crespo via Sam in the City

Cochon555 coming to a city near you; Aspen FOOD & WINE Classic

Chef Kelly English's eclair, created for Memphis' Cochon555 competition, isn't your average pastry. Photo courtesy of Cochon555.

Kelly English is the kind of guy who will point you to the item you’re looking for in the grocery store, or even guide you through the coriander/cilantro conundrum on the spice aisle. (I know this because he aided my neighbor in the latter, and because when I interviewed him, he admitted to it, confessing: “I don’t take off my chef coat before I go in [the grocery store]. It’s just gotten easier for me to answer people’s questions rather than explain to them I don’t work there.”)

In the kitchen, English is a killer. So he has proven time and time again by the accolades he’s racked up, most recently at Memphis’ Cochon555. For the uninitiated, Cochon555 is a culinary competition/tasting that hits a select number of U.S. foodie capitals (now in its fourth year). At each event, five local chefs execute their own snout-to-tail menus using heritage breed pigs (one pig per chef = five pigs). Five winemakers complement the menus with their pairings – thus the 555. When the meat supply runs dry, event attendees vote for their favorite chef of the evening.

English says he’ll take a similar approach at Grand Cochon, the Cochon555 finals scheduled during the Aspen FOOD & WINE Classic in Colorado (June 15-17). “We won’t do what we did in Memphis. It’s always fun to do new things, but we’re going to be …”

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