English opening his Second Line

Andy Ashby via Memphis Business Journal

Kelly English is opening his second Midtown restaurant, the Second Line, in October and he’s planning on bringing a taste of day-to-day New Orleans food to Memphis.

English is opening the new business at 2144 Monroe Ave., next to his original restaurant, Restaurant Iris.

The Second Line will have a more casual atmosphere with televisions and a big patio.

English grew up in New Orleans and noticed several New Orleans-themed restaurants served food that wasn’t typical of that Crescent City’s fare.

“Growing up, I never ate anything blackened,” he said. “We serve blackened food to tourists.”

He’s always wanted to open up something that served the food he ate while growing up.

“When I think of what New Orleans food is, the first thing I really think about is a really well-made po boy; I think about seafood,” he said. “We’re going to really think about the true foods people actually eat down there day to day. That’s what we’re going to do next door.”

The two restaurants are about the same size, but the Second Line will be able to hold more because it’s one large room as opposed to several smaller rooms. The Second Line will seat 60 and Restaurant Iris seats 45.

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