At Restaurant Iris we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our guests. From the moment you make a reservation, to when you walk out of our door, it’s our job to ensure you experience both incredible food and service.

That experience begins with a reservation. Due to the size of our restaurant, there is currently a two week delay for a weekend reservation. We would not cancel a reservation that a guest made-and waited two weeks for- in order to make room for someone else without a reservation- celebrity or not. We respect our guests and their time, and appreciate their choice to dine with us.

We are fiercely loyal to our guests and our city. Memphis has been good to us and we will always be faithful to her. We are proud to be a part of Grizz nation and are excited to cheer on our team tonight.


8 Responses to Regarding Reservations at Restaurant Iris

  1. Nathan West says:

    Good for you, Iris, for not bowing to celebrity at the expense of your guests. More people should have your scruples.

  2. GNG, baby! Way to go! This shows you understand Grizz Nation!!! Ummm, you may want to make a reservation for the Grizz and their SOs in a couple of weeks. They’ll have a LOT to celebrate (whatever the scoreboard says). :-D

  3. Karen B. Golightly says:

    This is what makes Iris the best restaurant in Memphis. It’s not just the amazing food, fine service, and great ambience; it’s your integrity.

  4. Jan Lentz says:

    I can attest to how hard it is to get a reservation at Iris! Thanks for doing the right thing and putting your loyal customers – who made reservations – first.

  5. I have never been to your restaurant, but I will definitely become a customer now. Your integrity is amazing and your actions to be applauded!

  6. Larry Boone says:

    “Classy: is hard to define and I already knew you have it but the professional way you have handled this further confirms what a Class act you are. Congratulations!.


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