—  NOWRUZ March 20, 2019  —


Come celebrate Nowruz: Persian New Year with Chef Camron Razavi and Restaurant Iris at a special dining event.  Nowruz occurs on the vernal equinox, first day of spring, and dates back thousands of years.  Meaning “new day,” Nowruz marks the end of the year and the rebirth of a new one.  Join us at our table for a feast as we party like it’s  the year 1398.  Nowruz Mobarak!

To purchase your ticket and reserve a seat (a $55 value*) call or email Candice Briggie: 901.504.8400 |


1st course

 borani bademjan  —
eggplant and yogurt dip


dolmeh  —
grape leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and lamb

2nd course

—  kuku sabzi  —
herb and leek frittata


—  ash-e reshteh  —
noodle, bean and herb soup

3rd course

—  chelo kabab  —
ground beef kabab with saffron rice and grilled tomatoes


—  sabzi polo ba mahi  —
herbed rice with pan-fried fish


—  vegetarian ghormeh sabzi  —
classic herb stew with kidney beans , and crimini mushrooms. served with basmati rice.


 baklava cheesecake  —
with sour cherry syrup


*$55 is for one guest and does not include tax/gratuity/drinks